4-H Club Manager Resources

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Texas 4-H Club Management Website

4-H Finance Club Check Request Form and Treasurers Report Form

  • Use these forms for your financial report AND all club financial business!

Top 10 List For Club Managers

  • Top 10 things for a club manager to remember for your meetings!

Club Officer Materials

  • Guides for all Club Office Positions

Club ED Resources

  • Monthly resources for every club meeting of the year! Scroll down about 2/3 of the way down the page to find four years worth of club meeting ideas!

Steps to a Successful 4-H Club Meeting

  • Four things to remember every month for you club meetings!

4-H Club Program Idea Guide

  • Each month, your club is supposed to do a 20minute  educational program.  Here are some good ideas!

2019-2020 Texas 4-H Enrollment Instructions

  • Info on how to get enrolled on 4-H Connect!

Using the 4-H Name and Emblem

  • All the federal rules and guidelines related to the 4-H Clover?  Ever have a question?  Just ask!

Guadalupe County 4-H Rookie of the Year Award Form

  • All 4-H Clubs should nominate a 1st year 4-Her for this awesome award; it is sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank of Seguin!
  • Clubs will choose their candidate by secret ballot, like an election!

Sign In Sheet

Cross County Transfer Form

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