4-H Fashion and Interior Design Project

4-H Fashion Show, Duds to Dazzle, and Storyboard county contests


Due March 15th to the Guadalupe County AgriLife office:

  • Storyboards (waiting for rules from district)
  • Fashion Show paperwork
  • List of Duds to Dazzle team name,  members names and coaches

Saturday, March 27th,  (AM) at Red Barn


8:30 am       Fashion Show Contestants Check-in

9:00 am       Fashion show Judging

9:45              Duds to Dazzle contest

TBA              Awards Program

4-H Duds to Dazzle – Team information due March 15th

  • 2021 duds-to-dazzle-contest-guide-Guadalupe County
  • 2021 Junior D2D Sewing Kit list
  • 2021 Intermediate D2D Sewing Kit list
  • 2021 Senior D2D Sewing Kit list
  • 2021 Possible Duds to Dazzle questions

Duds to Dazzle Resources


4-H Fashion show – Senior ONLY – paperwork due March 15th

4-H Fashion show – Junior & Intermediate information – paperwork due March 15th

  • 2021 Junior and Intermediates Buying and Construction Fashion Show information
  • 2021 Junior and Intermediates Construction form
  • 2021 Junior and Intermediates Buying form
  • 2021 Fashion Show Questions for Juniors and Intermediates

 4-H Fashion Show Natural Fibers Contest – Seniors only

4-H Fashion Storyboard – Board due March 15th

  • 2021 Storyboard rules and guidelines
  • Storyboard Label
  • Storyboard scorecard


The following design brief serves as the direction for t he 2021 Storyboards. 4-H members should create their Storyboard around their interpretation of the design brief.

Reinventing Fashion with History

See how history shaped fashion through the decades; from the roaring 20’s to the groovy 70’s, from the classic 30’s to the vibrant 80s and the fashion “mash-up” during the 2010’s. Each decade has its own style, look at the events, music and politics that influenced design during the different decades. This year reinvent fashion by the events that happened in a previous decade or a decade yet to come.



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